CMYK 2016: Games of Berkeley

3rd Place + Most Original

Hosted by Innovative Design Club at UC Berkeley
Designs by Alison Lawyer, Andre Mangulabnan, Melissa Silvers, Lian Song, Rebecca Yeap


The Prompt: “Play Everywhere”

Games of Berkeley, a local business that sells board games, video games, and more, wanted to create a marketing campaign while they moved to a different location. The following is the given prompt for the campaign:

“An all-inclusive marketing strategy that positions the store as (primarily) a community hangout venue and secondarily a source for games and activities that can be enjoyed essentially anywhere — dorms, parties, parks, cars, beaches, bars, etc.

This can be targeted specifically toward college students, especially those who are new to the university and/or neighborhood.”


Our Idea: “Practical Items” to “Items of Play”

Our goal was to create items of play from the store’s shopping bags and physical advertising materials. The idea was that such items could become quick, accessible toys. This would create a positive association and image for Games of Berkeley.


Backs of Flyers and Posters

By incorporating toy/game elements to the backs of flyers and posters, customers will not only benefit from the joy these items


Clear Checkerboard Shopping Bags

Carry around your purchases with this bag. The clear bag will allow others to see what you purchased - which may persuade passersby to stop by the store. The bag can also be used as a checkerboard for spontaneous board gameplay.

check bag.png