CMYK 2017: SoDoI

1st Place + Client’s Choice

Hosted by Innovative Design Club at UC Berkeley
Designs by Maggie Chen, Andre Mangulabnan, Melissa Silvers, Christine Qian, Katherine Qiu


The Prompt

Create marketing materials and designs for local coffee shop, SoDoI. SoDoI emphasizes their mission to inspire others to enjoy life. The company revolves around a strong ideal of community.
Within the shop itself, there are many items related to water.


Our Ideas


We wanted to incorporate the themes of water (particularly the ocean) and community into purchasable items and in-shop experiences.


Community Shoreline


The goal for this idea is for customers to interact with each other in an anonymous way, creating an experience within the shop.

To use the board, Customer A would post a note about how they’re feeling or what they’re thinking of with a red push pin. The board itself is based on a vertical scale. If Customer A is feeling good, they would place their note somewhere within the positive range. If they’re not feeling well, they would post their note within the negative range.

After Customer A places their note, other customers can read it. Customer B may read the note and want to respond. Customer B would then write a note and place it next to Customer A’s note with a blue push pin.

The next time Customer A walks into SoDoI, they can see that someone responded to their note and read what they had to say.


Storyboard of Customer Using the Board




This postcard design would be a free gift to loyal SoDoI customers. It serves as a way to spread the word and imagery of SoDoI, as well as serving as an object of community and communication.




This mug would be available for purchase for SoDoI customers. The inside is an illustration of a oceanside town. When the coffee is poured into the mug, it acts as the ocean, coinciding with one of the themes of their shop.


Our Presentation